Oscar LaDell

Gone Away out now

"[...] Oscar Ladell is playing at my wedding. Period. He doesn’t know it yet and I’m not engaged but it’s happening."
Samuel Seedsman, Fine Tune Magazine
"LaDell sounds a precocious talent who can undeniably play blues and rock across the spectrum"
Graham Reid, Radio13
Oscar LaDell

Oscar LaDell, 22, was born in the US and raised in Purakaunui, Dunedin. The second-generation bluesman started out playing blues standards in nightclubs around Dunedin, featuring songs by Muddy Waters, BB King and Guitar Slim. Over the years, funk, rock, soul and more have found their way into Oscar’s music. In the space of one of LaDell’s original songs, the sound can range from a gentle slow dance to explosive and hypnotic guitar solos. Oscar’s powerful and expressive guitar playing and soulful singing act as one to create a sound that is both reminiscent of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and fresh.

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